Technology infrastructure launchpad The Fabric raises $15 million

The Fabric, an early-stage investment company developing new infrastructure technologies, has raised $15 million for its third investment vehicle. Announced at the Montgomery Summit in Santa Monica, Calif., the new financing came from Verizon Ventures (the investment arm of TechCrunch’s parent company’s parent company) and March Capital Partners a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm.

IT to the Rescue

Faced with the exact types of challenges now facing the industrial internet, the traditional internet quickly adopted several key security technologies - endpoint security, generically labeled “antivirus”, internet firewalls with network address translation (pioneered by members of our founding team), and intrusion detection technologies.

Industrial Peril

Without a doubt, “Internet of Things” is one of the biggest trends in technology today. Gartner’s 2016 Internet of things Forecast estimates that by 2020 there will be over 3 BILLION “smart” devices connected to business and industrial networks, and over 12 billion “smart” consumer devices in the world.