IoTium Listed Top 25 IoT Startups to Watch In 2019 [FORBES]

Excited to see that out of 26,792 IoT startups, The Fabric's co-created company, IoTium has been listed in the top 25 IoT startups to watch in 2019 by Forbes. "This is a fascinating company to track due to their patented technology that enables secure connections between Network as a Service (NaaS), legacy onsite systems and cloud-based applications.

Podcast with Kmesh: Stateful Application Data and Kubernetes Integration at Edge

In this episode, Jeff Kim, CEO of Kmesh, discusses how to succeed with distributed data to enable Kubernetes at the edge with Rob Hirschfeld, CEO and co-founder of RackN. This informative podcast discusses the challenges facing Kubernetes in addressing data, storage, and distribution of data for containerized apps in the cloud.

Going long on LA, India, AI, and tech infrastructure March Capital raises $300 million [TECHCRUNCH]

"We have two major areas and a couple of minor areas," said Sumant Mandal, a managing director with the firm. "We like data driven business and two thirds of our portfolio are AI driven. We also like infrastructure for the internet... the majority of the portfolio will be around those two themes."