Microservices: an explosion of metrics and few insights?

In an earlier post, we examined how microservices application as complex distributed systems have created more complex and less predictable performance profiles.  Here we examine the state of monitoring systems and their effectiveness and limitations in helping operations (Ops) teams manage the performance of applications. 

The Fabric co-creation Kmesh helps Quantified Ag with AI, ML, IoT, and Multi-Cloud data mobility for Fitbit for cows [ZDNet]

The livestock industry has a lot to gain with modern technology -- IoT devices paired with even the simplest software platforms can help ranchers track and manage their inventory. Yet until recently, many ranchers were tracking their cattle using just pen and paper, according to Brian Schupbach, co-founder and CTO of Quantified AG.

IoTium Listed Top 25 IoT Startups to Watch In 2019 [FORBES]

Excited to see that out of 26,792 IoT startups, The Fabric's co-created company, IoTium has been listed in the top 25 IoT startups to watch in 2019 by Forbes. "This is a fascinating company to track due to their patented technology that enables secure connections between Network as a Service (NaaS), legacy onsite systems and cloud-based applications.