Collaboration Model

FOCUS on the massive market opportunity in next generation networking
COLLABORATE with entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas
INCUBATE, FUND, and LAUNCH innovative networking businesses
ENGAGE with a large community of networking experts



We are active with our companies – we are not your typical venture angel, or high-volume incubator. The Fabric partners collaboratively and hands-on with entrepreneurs, enabling them evolve rapidly from a concept to a company.

In the initial stage, we engage with entrepreneurs to help them refine their product concept and validate it with prospective partners and customers.

When it is a viable business model, we provide seed financing of $1M-$1.5M and actively work with the entrepreneurs for roughly 6 months until the company has a complete team, an advanced prototype, market validation, and a business plan – and is ready for high-quality Series A funding.

We continue to work with our companies depending on their specific needs, and continue to be engaged at strategic and board levels. We also help our companies put together a syndicate for later rounds of financing.

Our technology innovation lab in Chennai, India turbo-charges our companies. The lab develops core networking technologies and also creates development centers for each of our companies. The combined value of the innovation lab accelerates the time to market for our companies while letting them maintain capital efficiency.


Profound changes in the networking industry, driven by the proliferation of connected devices, diverse access mechanisms, network speeds and quality, with more and more applications being delivered from the cloud, are creating for massive stress on existing networks for both enterprises and providers alike. Added complexity of new services and new commoditized hardware platforms, coupled with flexible software deployments, are compounding the need for new technology innovation.

The Fabric team believes that this will create opportunity for multiple tens of billions of dollars in new equity creation in the next decade.

The unique focus and structure of The Fabric’s collaboration model will allow entrepreneurs to meaningfully participate in this opportunity and deliver a superior rate of investment return vs. seed funding-only models.


The Fabric has an unparalleled network of relationships in the networking and other infrastructure sectors. Our ecosystem of investors, advisors and other relationships include successful entrepreneurs, executives, technologists and business development professionals. We also have close relationships with venture capitalists and strategic investors to help our entrepreneurs minimize the time they spend in fund raising and find the right partners for their business.


At The Fabric, we are entrepreneurs who work with other entrepreneurs to help them build their companies.
We take pride in spending time and effort with entrepreneurs to help them realize their full potential. We believe in the long-term potential of great entrepreneurs to drive value growth at every stage of their company.

Our incentives are aligned with the entrepreneurs, enabling us to work on the same side to build great companies together. A testament to our entrepreneur friendly approach is demonstrated by the number of companies we have helped create earlier with the same entrepreneurs as founders.