The Fabric team believes changes in the networking industry, driven by the proliferation of connected devices will create opportunity for multiple tens of billions of dollars in new equity in the next decade. In co-creating the companies described below, The Fabric partners work collaboratively and hands-on with entrepreneurs, enabling rapid evolution from a concept to a company.

Our incentives are aligned with the entrepreneurs, enabling us to work to build great companies together.


VeloCloud addresses the challenges of traditional WAN by letting companies use ordinary broadband Internet links with a unique solution we call “Cloud Delivered SD-WAN”. VeloCloud SD-WAN enables simple, agile and secure branch office wide area networks. It includes a distributed network of VeloCloud Gateways, a cloud-based VeloCloud Orchestrator and a branch platform, VeloCloud Edge.


Appcito is focused on accelerating cloud adoption with transformative application delivery solutions for new age application architectures. Appcito Application Delivery System (ADS) is the industry’s most versatile SaaS-based software-defined solution for public, private and hybrid clouds bringing together application traffic management with advanced elastic load balancing, application security and analytics. Appcito solutions are optimized for DevOps deployments, containers and microservices architectures while also allowing enterprise infrastructure teams to provide an elegant GUI-based management model that allows infrastructure and application teams to self-service accelerating the entire application delivery lifecycle and combining application agility with governance, security and compliance. Customers embracing Appcito solutions gain benefits of rapid application deployment, closed loop application delivery and de-risking hybrid cloud deployments. More information about Appcito is available at http://www.appcito.com.


Perspica is the first IT operations analytics solution designed expressly for the constantly changing virtualized data center. Perspica analytics software for IT operations instantly diagnoses problems in the virtualized data center. Incident Replay shows you the exact topology, performance anomalies and event logs at the moment of service impact. Unlike traditional diagnostic tools that leave you sifting through millions of performance metrics and event logs to find the source of performance problems, Delivering intelligent visibility, Perspica lets you spend less time searching, analyzing and firefighting.


Pensa offers a purpose-built platform to simplify the deployment of virtual networks. Pensa Maestro enables the rapid adoption of virtualized infrastructure technologies by offering an integrated lifecycle orchestration suite that combines an Infrastructure DevOps Platform, a Virtual Lab, and a Validated Blueprint Repository delivered as a turn-key SaaS offering.The end result is a remarkable gain in the efficiency to test, deploy and run applications on virtual infrastructure.


IoTium provides a flexible, distributed, configurable and extensible IoT middleware platform for multiple vertical applications and services. IoTium’s three-tiered architecture distributes intelligence that resides only at the cloud today within the entire network; it enables security, QoS, WAN Optimization, local service chaining and edge analytics throughout the network; and it also does all the protocol conversion from the things layer to the cloud.

Cancun Systems

Cancun Systems, co-created by the Fabric, is a stealth mode Silicon Valley start-up developing purpose-built software system for large-scale analytics workloads such as Hadoop, Spark, Splunk and others. It Accelerates run time performance of applications, improves Efficiency of standard white-box infrastructure, reduces time-to-insight by increasing Operational Agility while providing Continuous Visibility.

Cancun Systems delivers its benefits seamlessly and transparently in green-field and brown-field deployments, without requiring any change to current infrastructure or applications. Using Cancun’s solution, Enterprise customers can benefit from disruptive infrastructure innovations that until now was only available to hyper-scale web services providers.


Akanda is the only open source network orchestration solution built by OpenStack operators for real OpenStack clouds. Akanda is the main contributor to the OpenStack project. Astara eliminates the need for complex SDN controllers, overlays and multiple plugins for cloud networking by providing a simple integrated networking stack (routing, firewall, load balancing) for connecting and securing multi-tenant OpenStack environments. Astara is layer 2 agnostic and interfaces with the OpenStack Neutron REST APIs.


Apeiron has developed Apeiron’s Shared DAS™ virtualization platform and Apeiron Data Fabric technology. The Apeiron Data Fabric delivers consistent ultra-low latency performance eliminating bottlenecks when scaling real time big data clusters, enabling a whole new category of real time, data-driven applications. Apeiron’s team has over 250 years of proven storage and networking expertise.