Innovation Lab

DEVELOPING key foundational technologies to accelerate innovation in next-gen networking

About the Lab

Rapid engineering is the lifeline of new ventures. In the race to disrupt markets, core hurdles are access to people and resources to quickly build proof-of-concepts. At The Fabric, we have created the Innovation Lab specifically to address this challenge and compress the time to success. It is a unique and fundamental aspect of our “co-creation model”.

The Innovation Lab’s R&D capabilities greatly compress your time to market by providing foundational technologies and resources. Each of our portfolio startups has been able to accelerate the development of a demonstrable prototype with the help of the Lab. We have also been able to recruit, train and incubate their team.

Based in Chennai, India, the team of experienced engineers and architects at the Lab are creating core next-gen networking technologies that can be used across portfolio companies. The Innovation Lab also incubates and builds teams for our startups founded in the US.

Current areas of R&D focus include the Internet of Things (IoT), public and private cloud deployment architectures, performance engineering and measurement, and engineering best practices.

Benefits of the Lab

• Core technology and resources on Day One of your startup
• Access to infrastructure and lab resources to create and test ideas
• Entrepreneurs can collaborate with experienced architects and engineers
• A foundation of engineering best practices
• Prime facility to recruit and locate India development resources

Seeking the best and the brightest

At the Lab, we are looking for exceptional individuals who have technology-specific talent. You can work on exciting new areas and seek opportunities to join our co-created portfolio companies. Partner with a trusted advisor and focus your expertise on next-gen networking innovation.