Entries by Pratik Roychowdhury, Founder of Mesh7, a cloud-native application security company

Splunk Ventures Fund’s first investment in Kavach, The Fabric co-creation

We are thrilled about the announcement from Splunk. In the press release, Splunk announces their venture arm, namely Splunk Ventures, a $100 million Innovation Fund and a $50 million Social Impact Fund, to invest in promising and innovative start-ups that “can harness the power of data to change the world”. Innovation Fund’s first investment is in Kavach.


Application Evolution … And its Security Impact

As applications have evolved from legacy & monolithic to modern & microservices-based, they have become increasingly disaggregated into smaller & more number of components that run on a variety of workloads (VMs, containers, serverless, etc.), are distributed across multiple clouds & heterogeneous & hybrid environments, and are dynamic & ephemeral in nature.