The Montgomery Summit 2016 gathered a highly selective group of over 1,000 senior-level investors and top executives from growth technology companies in media, communications, and information technology for two days of exciting events and presentations in Santa Monica, CA.

Organizations typically face the following challenges while transitioning to a hybrid cloud: Maintain separate deployment environments in private and public cloud, with different tools and dashboards

Continuous Delivery is a practice used in the software industry to automate and improve the process of software delivery. It is all about adopting practices to release high-quality software fast through automation of the build, test and deployment processes. This post describes features in Appcito Application Delivery System (ADS) to facilitate Continuous Delivery, and the […]

In May 2003, Nicholas Carr’s blog “IT doesn’t Matter” and related book “Does IT Matter” created quite a stir in both business and technology circles. I was transitioning careers, from engineering at HP into consulting at McKinsey then. It was a great topic for business school interviews. Thirteen years later, I think it is worth […]

More and more enterprises are investing in cloud for their infrastructure. Whether it is public, private or a hybrid cloud, IT decision makers need more control over both the private and public components. Hybrid cloud is relatively new and enterprise IT users are investigating the use cases. Many vendors provide Hybrid Cloud solutions but this […]

With complexities of data centers growing exponentially, data centers administrators are facing new challenges. Event logs, metrics and log data can bombard the system losing the focus from important alerts, making troubleshooting a nightmare. Further the inter-operability of compute, storage, app nodes in a data center forms a cross silo dependency, making it hard to […]

By Prem Talreja, Sr. Vice president, The Fabric The term “hybrid” is vague and subject to misuse. Yet, Hybrid Cloud represents an important reality of the cloud world: A hybrid cloud service is a combination of cloud services from different sources, whether they are internal or externally provided services. It is driven by the fact […]

Application agility is driving huge changes across data center infrastructure. And seeking agility in operations as well as cost savings, data center owners have adopted virtualization. First it was compute virtualization and then came storage. Until recently, the underlying network has been largely physical. SDN and NFV are paving the way for virtualization of networks […]

Commences trials of Perspica Incidents Navigator™ with Data center Operators Santa Clara, California – June 16, 2015: Perspica Networks, an IT Operations Analytics company, announced today that it has secured $4 million in Series A funding from March Capital Partners, a venture capital firm; The Fabric, an infrastructure co-creation company; and The Hive a big […]

Enterprise Business Unit Heads worry about their app performance rather than the infrastructure, private or public, used to deliver them. When app performance goes down, even for split second, infrastructure admins are blamed for the poor performance as that is where the rubber meets the road. As hundreds off alarms go off from every object […]