SVForum Quarterly Venture Breakfast – Forecast for 2013 & Beyond: Cloudy with a Chance of… The forecast is in and cloudy days are still ahead for 2013 and beyond. Cloud computing has become much more than a buzzword and we now know the cloud(s) are here to stay. Greater connectivity, integration, and security are continuing […]

October 25th, 2012 The Fabric Networking Event Rajan Raghavan, Prabakar Sundarrajan and Sumant Mandal invite you to a fun evening of wine tasting, entertainment and mixing with thought leaders in the once again evolving areas of new network architectures. Mobility, cloud, Big Data and commodity hardware and software have changed the networking landscape – big […]

The Fabric, a company co-creator, is a unique approach to inspire, incubate, and invest in the next generation of innovative technology companies that are creating a new flexible and efficient network architecture. Profound changes in the industry, driven by the proliferation of connected devices, diverse network access mechanisms, speeds and quality, with more and more […]