Prabakar’s last blog in the series of five posts summarizes the ways that infrastructure itself and applications are being decentralized.

Take a look into why enterprises must look beyond microsegmentation for their cloudsecurity.

Prabakar shares in his fourth blog how de-centralization via distributing trust across participants using blockchain technology in business transactions is driving some new infrastructure and business model innovations.

Mesh7 (prev. Kavach), Cloud Native Application Security Mesh landed funding from the newly formed Splunk’s venture arm.

Data security breaches are on the rise, especially when it comes to distributed applications. Read what are some of the best practices to avoid being breached.

The third blog in a series of blogs Prabakar explores how computing infrastructure has become over-centralized with SaaS and IaaS cloud services.

In the second blog, Prabakar Sundarrajan shares how de-centralization via microservices and external services is impacting application development and deployment.

How we differentiate from other VCs and incubators? Rajan shares The Fabric’s co-creation approach at the TiE conference 2019.

Announcing The Fabric new co-creation – Copper Wire Systems

Scott Fulton, welcome to The Fabric family and OpsCruise, the autonomous performance assurance company.