Cloud providers looking to enable the growing number of use cases for cloud-based HPC recognize the importance of standardizing on the right HPC filesystem. So, while a number of vendors claim to provide a filesystem ideal for HPC in the cloud, a deeper look at market realities and technology reveals where they fall short. Let’s take a closer look.

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With the widespread adoption of containers, micro-services, and multi-cloud application design model, new challenges have risen in designing and managing these modern applications.

Rajan Raghavan, CEO of The Fabric, an alumni and member board of trustees of Clarkson University, in discussion with the Clarkson Ignite on his early student days at Clarkson, IoT, and entrepreneurial journey.

How will 5G integration help propel your industry to new heights? We are excited by the advent of 5G as it will create new opportunities for disruptive infrastructure innovation driven by new devices, new applications, and new mobile infrastructure deployments.

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