Reimagining Infrastructure for a Distributed Era [3/5]

In this article, we will explore how computing infrastructure has become over-centralized with SaaS and IaaS cloud services, and a new need and opportunity is emerging to broadly distribute computing to solve some needs and cater to new opportunities. In the early days of computing, except for a few government institutions, no enterprise had its own data center.

5 multi-cloud storage management mistakes to avoid by Kmesh [TechTarget]

Kmesh, The Fabric co-created company, supports the transition from centralized data lakes to distributed data ponds and provides software that distributes your data, across onprem, clouds, countries, and edges, as a single global namespace.Kmesh's CEO Jeff Kim on using cloud data management tools to avoid single cloud vendor lock-in.

The Fabric co-creation Kmesh helps Quantified Ag with AI, ML, IoT, and Multi-Cloud data mobility for Fitbit for cows [ZDNet]

The livestock industry has a lot to gain with modern technology -- IoT devices paired with even the simplest software platforms can help ranchers track and manage their inventory. Yet until recently, many ranchers were tracking their cattle using just pen and paper, according to Brian Schupbach, co-founder and CTO of Quantified AG.