Now, this might sound cliché! But everybody is running to the cloud! Going by recent quarterly reports by Amazon, Microsoft and Google, their respective cloud revenues have grown at a tremendous rate—combined annualized revenue for these three public cloud juggernauts was more than $45 billion based Q417 reported revenues.

As we mentioned in the previous blog about The Fabric Innovation Lab, the lab was established right at the inception of The Fabric to accelerate the technology development of each of the co-created companies, right from the get-go. In this note, I would like to elaborate upon why every engineer interested in working on Cloud/IoT infrastructure should consider The Fabric Innovation Lab as their first choice.

A new sovereign has ascended the throne of enterprise infrastructure space – it is cloud-delivered Infrastructure. It has been close to five years since Rajan Raghavan and I joined with Sumant Mandal to launch The Fabric.