When Prabakar Sundarrajan and I left Juniper after the acquisition of Ankeena, we wanted to continue our entrepreneurial journey. The rapid adoption of cloud, mobility, and IoT technology provided an opportunity to disrupt the infrastructure industry. The idea of providing an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors to come together and create new companies was appealing to us, but we didn’t want to simply provide funding, office space, and access; we wanted to actively collaborate with entrepreneurs and co-create The Fabric’s startups.

We are excited to celebrate the announcement of the acquisition of VeloCloud by VMware, marking the acquisition of the third of the four companies co-created with The Fabric’s first fund. This rate of success, as well as the magnitude of this latest acquisition, stand as a strong testimony to the value of The Fabric’s co-creation approach.

As we mentioned in the previous blog about The Fabric Innovation Lab, the lab was established right at the inception of The Fabric to accelerate the technology development of each of the co-created companies, right from the get-go. In this note, I would like to elaborate upon why every engineer interested in working on Cloud/IoT infrastructure should consider The Fabric Innovation Lab as their first choice.