Reimagining Infrastructure for a Distributed Era [5/5]

In the previous parts of this article series, I had mentioned that we are the advent of a new era of glorious distributed computing of many kinds, and therefore infrastructure has to be reimagined to meet the evolving needs and challenges. To close out the series, let us summarize the ways that infrastructure itself and applications are being decentralized, thereby driving needs to evolve infrastructure to meet the resulting challenges.

What do recent data breaches tell us about the state and need of application security ?

Picture this. A hacker uses a VPN to breach into a cloud server (virtual machine hosted within a tier-1 public cloud provider) of a large financial enterprise, through a misconfigured firewall, then executes a small set of commands (injection attack), which gets her the credentials.

Forces Of Fundamental Shift in Application Security

During the course of evolution , some events act as turning points and make such a major impact that they are seen as defining moments as well as the start of a new era in their respective spaces. We are at such a juncture in the application security space.The adoption of cloud and virtualization for deploying and developing applications creates a huge shift and makes traditional and existing security solutions ineffective and inapplicable in the modern cloud era.