The Fabric CXO Council: Reimagining Infrastructure

The Fabric recently hosted our CXO Council meeting. Our Council consists of CXOs of industry leading companies to discuss and gain private access to the latest breakthrough innovations in next-generation enterprise cloud infrastructure technologies. The theme for the meeting was "Reimagining infrastructure in a distributed era."

Reimagining Infrastructure for a Distributed Era [5/5]

In the previous parts of this article series, I had mentioned that we are the advent of a new era of glorious distributed computing of many kinds, and therefore infrastructure has to be reimagined to meet the evolving needs and challenges. To close out the series, let us summarize the ways that infrastructure itself and applications are being decentralized, thereby driving needs to evolve infrastructure to meet the resulting challenges.

Reimagining Infrastructure for a Distributed Era [3/5]

In this article, we will explore how computing infrastructure has become over-centralized with SaaS and IaaS cloud services, and a new need and opportunity is emerging to broadly distribute computing to solve some needs and cater to new opportunities. In the early days of computing, except for a few government institutions, no enterprise had its own data center.