Meet The Fabric Intern: Greg Pereira

At The Fabric, we are lucky to have an impressive group of interns every summer. Through a series of posts, we’ll introduce some of them to give you an overview of what it is like to be an intern at The Fabric, a pre-Series A fund and co-creation studio focused on cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Greg Pereira is an incoming junior and Presidential Scholar at the University of Southern California, studying Business Administration. He was born in Santa Monica but moved to the Bay Area at the age of 4 and remained here ever since, essentially making him a Silicon Valley native. Early on, he discovered a passion for technology which grew exponentially due to his tech-based surroundings. He brought this love of programming to Hack Reactor, San Francisco’s premiere software engineering boot camp, where he received firsthand experience with revolutionary technology and further developed his technical skills.

At The Fabric, he is pursuing a stealth project on edge computing. He is specifically focused on evaluating the infrastructure and platform software. This internship has truly tested his technical skills and problem-solving capabilities.

In his spare time, Greg is building an electric bike from scratch. The idea originated from curiosity: what if he just slapped a motor onto his current bike? Now, he is determined to turn his current bike into an electric bike and plan to ride it around campus when he goes back to school.

Greg dreams of starting his own tech company one day, focusing on cloud computing, IoT, or whatever new technology that may become prevalent in the next few years. He believes that with his passion for technology, developed technical skills, and education in business he can produce something of great value to the technology industry. Stay tuned!

His advice for future The Fabric interns: ask questions! Constantly ask questions and figure out exactly what the problem is that you’re trying to solve. It will save you and your boss time.