Meet The Fabric Intern: Mehul Jain

At The Fabric, we are lucky to have an impressive group of interns every summer. Through a series of posts, we’ll introduce some of them to give you an overview of what it is like to be an intern at The Fabric, a pre-Series A fund and co-creation studio focused on cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Mehul Jain

Mehul Jain is a rising senior at Moreau Catholic High School, a private catholic school in Hayward, CA, and was born and raised in Fremont, CA. Mehul is beginning to apply for college and plans to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering given his interest in autonomous vehicles and their influence on the transportation system. His interest truly developed when he created a robot that utilized sensors to navigate different paths in his Robotics Engineering class. He wants to extend the self-driving capabilities of these vehicles to residential and city streets in the near future.

At the Fabric, Mehul is currently creating a microservices-based e-commerce website through Docker, a container-based software platform. This project enabled him to gain knowledge of web development, HTTP protocol, the Twilio messaging service, and various programming languages including Go and Python.

In his spare time, Mehul is leading a Python class for middle school students at the Newark Library. He is also preparing for an international Mock Trial competition which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia this September.

Mehul’s advice to future interns: Take full advantage of the Lunch and Learn program as well as the Friday lunches. Understanding these entrepreneurs’ stories and experience is extremely useful if you ever decide to work in a company or create a startup. Also, present your own ideas about any project you and others are working on. Even if that idea doesn’t work out, you end up having a better grasp of the task at hand.