Meet The Fabric Intern: Nick W. Marcu

At The Fabric, we are lucky to have an impressive group of interns every summer. Through a series of posts, we’ll introduce some of them to give you an overview of what it is like to be an intern at The Fabric, a pre-Series A fund and co-creation studio focused on cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Nick Marcu is a rising junior studying Business Administration at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Nick has been inspired and intrigued by the booming technology industry and has taken an interest in the financial sector that fuels this growth. He began to pursue this interest by researching financial markets and managing his own investment portfolio, drafting stock reports and analyzing his own research to learn about investing. At USC, Nick is an Executive Board Member and Treasurer of his fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa, where he has put his quantitative analytical skills into practice while greatly improving the chapter’s finances.

At The Fabric, Nick has been working as a finance intern for an emerging edge computing startup, Cloudbrink. He is expanding and applying his knowledge in accounting and finance by working on financial modeling and forecasting, while also conducting market research. He likens the experience to his business entrepreneurship class at USC, where he first got a taste for entrepreneurial finance.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys being active and playing golf, as well as continuing his love for music and the piano. He dedicates time to keeping current with the news and financial markets, and enjoys brainstorming and developing business ideas with his friends.

In the future, Nick plans on pursuing his MBA and a career in investment banking, venture capital, or private equity. He hopes on one day becoming CFO of a Silicon Valley tech firm, uniting his analytical skills and passion for finance with his love for entrepreneurship and innovation.

His advice for future interns at The Fabric: Take advantage of the amazing environment and resources while you can! Being surrounded by some of the most knowledgeable and passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned executives is a rare opportunity to come by. Always be prepared to ask questions and take notes.