At The Fabric, we are lucky to have an impressive group of interns every summer. Through a series of posts, we’ll introduce some of them to give you an overview of what it is like to be an intern at The Fabric, a pre-Series A fund and co-creation studio focused on cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Tanya Sonker  is a rising senior studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Santa Clara University (SCU). Born and raised in India, Tanya grew up in an environment where technology was a luxury. Her high school was traditional in that teachers, parents, tutors, and other students were the only resources available for academic help. She realized that technology is a tool for artistic expression when she coded an e-card using HTML.

At The Fabric, Tanya is re-building an open source demo e-commerce application using web development technologies, cloud technologies, and microservices. She also implemented text receipt functionality for the demo application using the Twilio REST API. This project tested her ability to quickly but effectively pick up and adapt to different technologies and languages.

In her spare time, Tanya is focused on computer music projects. As a sound designer for the Santa Clara Laptop Orchestra (SCLOrk), Tanya is currently working on building an official website for the ensemble as a central location where she can direct those interested in SCLOrk’s work. After completing her internship here, she will also develop a software interface for SCLOrk which will mirror QuNeo operations on laptops.

When she returns to SCU this fall, she hopes to increase STEM exposure by hosting sound design workshops in neighboring elementary and middle schools. Earlier this year, she designed and conducted one at R.F. Elementary School in San Jose, California. She believes coding is more than just a skill – it’s an aural and visual experience. For instance, web development is about bringing a vision to life while sound design is about bringing a soundscape to life. She wishes to introduce that experience to as many young minds as possible.

In the future, Tanya dreams of combining her passion for teaching, coding, and writing to contribute to social benefit. Her goal is to ensure technology and education is no longer a privilege but a choice. She hopes to accomplish this goal by gaining work experience in different corporate environments and then using that knowledge to innovate in India.

Her advice to future interns at The Fabric: Become a sponge! Absorb as much as you can from your environment. You are lucky to be surrounded by some of the most experienced and talented minds in the Cloud/IoT space. Start networking and let your personality shine through. Additionally, remember that skills are transferable, even soft skills! So, always explore – you can’t possibly know what your purpose is if you haven’t experienced different fields.