Meet The Fabric Intern: Veena Kotha

At The Fabric, we are lucky to have an impressive group of interns every summer. Through a series of posts, we’ll introduce some of them to give you an overview of what it is like to be an intern at The Fabric, a pre-Series A fund and co-creation studio focused on cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Veena Kotha will be entering her second year at the University of California, Santa Cruz, studying Computer Science. Veena was born and raised in the Silicon Valley. Her interest in engineering and math began early on as she enjoyed experimenting with circuits as a child and loved to solve problems. This interest grew as she attended technology conferences and enjoyed learning to program prior to joining college.

At The Fabric, Veena is working on creating various micro services to create an e-commerce application using Go, HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages. In addition to learning programming languages, she is researching about how the internet works, cURL, Docker, and Twilio.

In her spare time, Veena is taking a Writing summer course, reading Malcolm Gladwell’s novels, and learning classical French and German songs.

In the future Veena plans on getting her Masters in Computer Science and explore artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Her advice to future interns at The Fabric is to take advantage of the experts at The Fabric by learning about their various backgrounds and knowledge. Both on the technical side, as well as how to adapt to the changes that happen in the tech industry.