Fabric Interns

From left to right, back row: Anuroop Thomas, Luke Dzwonczyk, Maya Vishwanath, Sonal Gaur; front row: Hari Krishna, Leo Korsunsky, Srikhar Padmanabhan

We at The Fabric were very fortunate to spend time with seven interns who closely worked with our portfolio companies in the Mountain View office this summer. The Fabric co-creates companies with entrepreneurs in the cloud and IoT infrastructure space.

Here is what they have said about their summer internship at The Fabric:

Srikhar Padmanabhan, a rising senior from Dupont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

Summer internship was a great opportunity for me to learn about startup environment. During my time at The Fabric, I worked with OpsCruise, a company focused on autonomous operations, on creating and optimizing sankey diagrams and zoomable sunbursts, as part of learning visualization of data. I did this using d3js, a JavaScript library for visualizing data.

Sonal Gaur, San Francisco State University

I was helping OpsCruise with their business development. I’ve worked on finding information on potential customers and finding where the company will best fit in the market. I have had the chance get to know the wonderful employees in the office who are willing to share their experiences in the tech industry with us, and I have also been able to work with some amazing other summer interns.

Luke Dzwonczyk, a rising junior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Music.

This summer I’ve been working at OpsCruise as a software development intern. I have really enjoyed starting my own project from scratch and adding to it over time, as well as getting exposed to new languages and ideas. The mentorship I have received from everyone in The Fabric community has been invaluable, and I’ll especially miss my fellow interns!

Leo Korsunsky, a sophomore at U.C. Berkeley majoring in physics and economics.

I have enjoyed working in a startup environment and learning from all of the interesting and experienced people who work at the Fabric. This summer I have worked with the team at KMesh, a stealth mode startup focusing on public cloud adoption, in creating a data model for marketing campaigns and researching industries that their product fits best.

Maya Vishwanath, a rising junior at Tufts University.

I had the opportunity to work for The Fabric as a business development intern. Specifically, I worked with Kavach, a stealth mode start-up in the security space, to perform detailed competitive analysis and product research. I evaluated the market and product landscape that helped the Kavach team build a strong competitive differentiation and proper product positioning. I enjoyed the collaborative and supportive environment at The Fabric and appreciated the incredible mentors I had the chance to work with.

Anuroop Thomas will be attending his Senior year at Lynbrook High School.

Over the course of the summer, I have been an intern at Kavach. I have been helping to develop Kavach’s product UI/UX and analytics features. I am enjoying every bit of my experience and hope that through this internship I get to learn how to work at a tech company, and further my knowledge on computer science.

Hari Krishna, Cal Poly SLO.

As opposed to many of the other interns at The Fabric, I wasn’t assigned to any specific portfolio company.

I was researching in the area of Enterprise Blochain/Distrubuted Ledgers. I am exhilarated to work in research as I get to deepen my knowledge base in blockchain, get to work on experimenting with different BaaS platforms, dabble in development work in Ethereum, and learn about early-stage startups, writing MRD’s, etc. No other company can offer such a variety of experiences and teach about pre-seed funded startup development. This combined with the great work culture and co-workers makes The Fabric an absolute pleasure to work for.

Best of luck to each of you as you embark on the upcoming school year.